What We Do

Beyond Orion Refining Inc. specializes in Ultrapure extended life mineral oils, including type II transformer oil with exceptional performance due to its alkaline base. We also offer transmix recycling, distressed fuels, and a superior low-aromatic parts wash fluid. Innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

  • Transmix Recycling

    We specialize in the efficient collection, transportation, and recycling of unusable amounts of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel.

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  • Kerosene Fuel

    Our high-quality K-1 kerosene, with a flashpoint of 105 degrees, offers versatility for oil field equipment cleaning, pressure washing fuel, and industrial parts cleaning. Additionally, we guarantee to have the best prices in the industry.

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  • 105 Stoddard Solvent

    Our 105 Stoddard Solvent delivers superior parts cleaning due to its low viscosity. It effectively breaks down oil and grease while maintaining its performance over time. Plus, it has the added benefit of being odor-free.

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  • Vacuum Pump Oil

    Our sulphur-free premium vacuum pump oil is specially formulated with higher alkalinity, resulting in a significantly extended service life for your pumps.

  • Mineral Oil (Food Grade)

    Our food-grade mineral oil is enriched with an antioxidant and features a slightly alkaline base, making it longer-lasting. This high-quality oil is rated ISO 32.

  • Type II Transformer Oil

    Our superior transformer oil, surpassing industry standards for purity, boasts an alkaline base that extends its lifespan. This translates to significant cost savings as it can go years beyond regular changeouts.